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Konica vs Xerox Who Makes the Best Copier for Your Moneykoni

In the next and final installment in our series of articles comparing major copier brands, we come to Konica Minolta vs Xerox.

At this point, the very future of Xerox in the mid-range market is uncertain. When investing in a Konica machine youre putting your money behind a company that will be a major player for a long time to come. For the best price on a Konica Minolta MFP, please inquire about ourused Konica Minolta copiers.

My recommendation between Konica vs Xerox easily goes to Konica Minolta in this comparison. Konica is a hard working company thats still on its way up, whereas Xerox coasts on its reputation and has been on a steady decline.

When it comes to Konica Minolta vs Xerox printers, in the mid-range market, Konica offers a much better product than what you would get from Xerox. Konica Minolta is one of the manucturers that has put a lot of time, effort, and resources into becoming one of the big players in the multifunctional printer (MFP) market.

Konica vs Xerox: Who Makes the Best Copier for Your Money

Another potential drawback of Konica Minolta machines is that some users find the intece more difficult to navigate compared to other leading brands. Less tech-savvy individuals may have a difficult time migrating to a Konica machine, so keep that in mind when considering who is going to be using it.

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If youve narrowed down your options to Konica vs Xerox, know that with Konica youre getting a better machine but its not the most affordable to maintain. Although it will be easier to find Konica copier service when you need it, due to the ct more people service them.

Xerox parts are harder to come by, theyre more expensive, and fewer people service them. On the other hand, Konica Minolta copier models use proprietary parts that are pricey to replace. For example, Konica uses special parts called imaging units that could cost up to $500, and thats if you only need one.

Xerox is not the company it once was, and can hardly be considered a serious competitor in the mid-range market, which is what were involved in at Dean Office Solutions.

However, thats irrelevant in this discussion of Konica vs Xerox, as a typical business owner is not in the market for a production machine. Although its worth knowing in case youre wondering why the next print shop you go into is full of Xerox machines.


Konica Minolta makes an excellent machine, but it doesnt compete with Xerox in the absolute highest end market. Xerox is still king when it comes to production equipment, such as those at print shops which output hundreds of pages per minute.

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At Dean Office Solutions we do not sell new Konica Minolta or Xerox machines, although we do service and repair them. On that note, I must mention that there is no winner between Konica vs Xerox when it comes to maintenance. The cost of maintenance and repair on both of these brands is generally higher than others in the same category.

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If you have read any previous entries in this series you may be miliar with how Xerox stacks up to the competition which is to say, it doesnt.Konica vs Xerox Who Makes the Best Copier for Your Moneykonica xerox machine price

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